in|to [ `ıntə, `ıntu, strong `ıntu ] preposition ***
1. ) used for showing movement
a ) entering a place, building, or vehicle:
She got into her car and drove away.
Hundreds of athletes marched into the stadium for the opening ceremony.
I wandered into the hotel bar and ordered a drink.
b ) going inside a container or an empty space:
Slipping his hand into his coat pocket, he felt for his keys.
Pour the mixture into a large saucepan.
c ) going through the surface toward the deeper part of something:
The nurse plunged a needle into my arm.
Kate scrambled to her feet and dived into the water.
They marched wearily, their boots sinking into the mud.
d ) moving toward something and hitting it:
Their car had crashed into a tree.
He was so angry he slammed his fist into the wall.
e ) arriving somewhere:
Our flight gets into Boston at around 7:30.
What time did you get into work?
2. ) used for showing where a way leads used for stating what place a road, path, entrance, etc. leads to:
Is there another way into the building?
There's flooding on all the roads into the city.
3. ) looking or facing toward something used for stating the direction in which someone or something looks, faces, or points:
She was gazing into the mirror.
Can you speak into the microphone?
4. ) used for stating the result of a change
a ) used for stating what someone or something becomes after a change:
Julie had grown into a beautiful woman.
Our argument was gradually turning into a full-scale battle.
Freezing temperatures have transformed the lake into a skating rink.
Roll the dough into a ball.
b ) used for stating what physical or emotional state someone starts to be in:
The plane suddenly lost altitude, throwing the passengers into a panic.
She fell into a deep sleep.
c ) used for stating what language something is translated to:
Her stories have been translated into more than 30 languages.
5. ) starting to be involved in something
a ) used for stating what bad situation someone starts to become involved in:
Many students have gotten into debt by the time they graduate.
It was you who got us into this mess in the first place.
I hope we don't run into any problems.
She always manages to get into trouble.
b ) starting to take part in an activity or type of work:
Amy threw herself into the work with enthusiasm.
He'll probably go into business with his father (=start a company with him).
Ted is trying to get into the financial industry (=get a job in it).
6. ) finding out about something used for stating what you are trying to find out about:
I promise to look into the matter.
the investigation into official misconduct
7. ) when someone makes you do something used for stating what someone persuades or forces you to do:
He talked us into buying a new washing machine.
Reservists are being pressed into service to help clean up after the storm.
8. ) becoming mixed with something used for stating what substance another substance gets mixed with:
How did mercury get into the water supply?
Stir a little cream into the sauce.
9. ) entering a group or organization used for stating what group or organization someone becomes a member of:
She should never have married into that family.
You have to have outstanding SAT scores to get into a top college.
10. ) putting on clothes used for stating what clothes you put on:
You'd better change into some warm clothes.
Sophie was still trying to get into her wetsuit.
11. ) until part of the way through a period used for saying that something continues for a long time and ends part of the way through a later period:
They went on working late into the night.
Matt was still playing league baseball well into his forties.
12. ) interested in a subject or activity INFORMAL used for stating what activity or subject someone is interested in and enjoys:
Suddenly she's into yoga and things like that.
At first I didn't really like painting, but now I've really gotten into it.
13. ) used for showing division used for stating how something is divided:
The 32 teams will be split into eight groups of four.
They divided the country into four regions.
Break the chocolate into pieces.
a ) used when dividing one number by another:
4 into 8 gives you 2.
be into someone for something AMERICAN INFORMAL
to owe someone money:
I'm into him for fifty dollars.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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